Notes from Our Chef Across the Pond!

BY SYRENA JOHNSON, LONDON: Words can’t even describe the feeling of being outside of a place you never left since you were born. London is an amazing, beautiful place filled with beautiful buildings and beautiful people. Even though it’s been all work since we been here, just the camaraderie from all the chefs that came down really does not compare. I can honestly say I made a couple of more family members on this trip! Everyone got along really well and came together for a cause I believe all of us believe strongly in: southern food.

I never left the country before and this was my first time getting a passport; all cool new experiences I got to partake in for the first time and it has just been awesome. Everyone I met was very helpful and knowledgeable which made the trip go really well and all the food we put out was remarkable. I’m so grateful and happy my chef let me get to experience this and I know I’ll never forget it. I also had a chance to work at Fifteen, Jamie Oliver’s place, which is somewhat similar to the program where I work, Liberty’s kitchen. Fifteen was very enlightening and cool. Overall I had a blast and look forward to seeing my career blossom from this amazing experience with all the knowledge and culture I took out of it.