Getting Settled in The Big Apple

By Susana Bravo

I have just begun a new chapter in my life. We have arrived in New York!!!


The flight wasn’t that long. In my opinion, the most nerve-racking part is the mild turbulence. The seats are comfortable, and you get a little TV in the seat in front you. Yes, New York, is as amazing as it seems on TV. It doesn’t seem to be as crowded, but maybe it’s because we aren’t so close to Times Square. I have not started school yet, but I'm extremely excited to start school. We have been exploring New York and I have been trying to record all of our adventures, but for some reason the best adventures are never caught on camera! I have been to Times Square. And even found the DC Comics store, the Hershey’s chocolate store, Toys R Us, and a lot other stores!! It is amazing!!


The food here has been on point so far. I have found a favorite restaurant called La Esquina where the food there is legit Mexican cuisine. NOT Tex-Mex but legit Mexican. It’s just great. I have tasted New York pizza!!! There is a huge difference on the food here and the food from home. The food here isn’t so heavily seasoned. I guess it depends on where you go. I tasted some Italian food that was very well seasoned it was on point.


On a different note I am thankful for Lauren. She has been our tour guide and has been patiently teaching us how to get around New York. The subways have got to be the most confusing (with the whole uptown, downtown, Jamaica center, Bronx), and she made sure to explain that a lot of the places we will be going to will be uptown and that we live downtown. And also that we live a few blocks away from the Williamsburg bridge and of course, in case we are ever unfamiliar with our location we can always ask for directions. She has been our ‘mama duck’: she was always making sure her ‘ducklings’ were safe and well fed. In my opinion she made the transition smooth and less scary.


As far as the prices on everything I think things are a tad bit more expensive. Example: a slice of pizza might be 3.50 here but back home it could be 1.50. There’s is 99 cent pizza but for some strange reason we never remember where we saw them. Another perfect example is cigarettes. They are like 3-4 bucks in New Orleans, but here they are like 14 bucks! Seems to me like New York is trying to tell me something :)


Even though its only been a few days since our arrival, I do miss my family but I know that they’re cheering me on and I also have the Chefs Move! family cheering me on and helping in any way they can. I am thankful for this opportunity and will take advantage to the fullest.


P.S. I met my bathroom mate and she is amazing!!! She is in Level 4!! She is making sausages!! (Classes are separated into levels, such as the basic culinary terms and knife skills might be Level 1 and learning to make soups and broths might be Level 2) We get along great. She has been giving me the inside scoop on what school is like and what to expect. I am very excited to start school.