Copasetic…….. Coco-Stetic???

BY CHRIS OKORIE, NYC: “WHAT IT DO PEOPLE”? I’m back with another blog, this time on Cinco de Mayo, about to deliver to you (the reader) the “lowdown” on what I’ve been up to for the past few week; a.k.a “Chris and Calvin’s ghetto stories”. Nam sayin? Believe it or not, I’ve never known exactly what Cinco de Mayo was so I googled it, and some really interesting stuff. Not trying to give a history lesson, but for people like me who didn’t know it’s just a day to celebrate Mexico’s freedom and democracy. The “Battle of Puebla” took place in Puebla, Mexico where mexican armies defeated french forces during the time of the American Civil-war. Pretty interesting stuff right? I celebrated Cinco de Mayo last night after work watching the “Pretty Boy Floyd” vs. Robert Guerrero fight…….. 44-0 BABY!

    Oh yea, so let me talk about what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks. How should I put this…….. everything has been pretty “coco-stetic”.  My Uncle Mark who is an avid reader of my blogs sent me a text with a  link to webster dictionary’s definition of the word Copasetic along  with a caption that read….  “Please stop running around the Big Apple trying to use words that you can’t spell boy”. So the word is……. Copasetic, not Coco-stetic. And to be honest these past few week has been everything but unsatisfactory.  Jessica Bride took me out to eat Sushi at an amazing restaurant “Sushi of Gari” which easily was the best dining experience of my life. Everything was delicious: we sat at the bar and we did what is called omakase. The chef just basically started whipping up a bunch of different types of sushi and sashimi for Jessica and I, it was AMAZING!

A few weeks before that, I had my first on air radio interview which was really exciting. Ms. Michel Martin was the host and Chef Besh and I talked about the scholarship. I loved every minute of it and if you didn’t hear it Enjoy!

WARNING……….  I’ve been told that I sound like a young Billy D Williams on the mic.

Oh and how can I forget meeting Mrs. Rachael Ray the other day? I was invited on set to cook for the staff of the show, I had an awesome time meeting Rachael and her staff was hilarious and funny people.

What else??? ummmmm……. Oh yeah, duh! School, it’s been very fun as of late, I’m finally in the kitchen at L’ecole and currently on Garde Manger. Work at Ai Fiori has been awesome as usual.

So I guess it’s time to hit that old Dusty Trail…………. Good Day People…… I hope your weeks have been as “co-co stetic” as mine.

Also, my and the entire Chefs Move! program’s hearts go out to the people affected by the tragedy in Boston.